Clinical Practice

For the past 37 years, Dr. Cochrane has offered a range of clinical services including: couple therapy, self-worth enhancement, strategies for anxiety reduction, sports psychology and education-career assessment.

His extensive clinical experience and always-current knowledge of the applicable research serve as the cornerstones of his valuable self-help e-books. These e-books, Loving Relationships; Success, Self-Worth & You; Sports Psychology: Being the Best You Can Be and the self-worth primer, How to Get There from Here, are available on this website.

Along with his many publications in Canadian and American law journals, Dr. Cochrane’s clinical work has been published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, the Canadian Family Physician and the medical journal, Diagnosis.

Dr. Cochrane’s full CV is available on this website.

Relationship Enhancement

Dr. Cochrane has worked with couples for many years. As he does in his e-book, Loving Relationships, Dr. Cochrane melds the current research with the unique needs of each couple. He encourages each of the partners to describe his or her desired relationship outcome. If these desired outcomes are compatible, which they usually are, the couple is then helped to clarify the current and historic factors that have been blocking their progress toward their mutually desired outcome. The nature of their therapeutic responses to these experiences and the conclusions drawn from them is determined by the identified unique intimacy inhibitors at play for each couple.

Self-Worth Enhancement

After working for years with intelligent capable people whose diminished faith in self resulted in a recurring pattern of self-sabotage, Dr. Cochrane developed his therapy model, fully presented in his e-book, Success, Self-Worth & You and summarised in his primer, How to Get There from Here. This model helps these individuals identify the origins of and the nature of their self-doubts.

This awareness makes it possible for them to develop therapeutic responses that fit the unique perspectives of the “not-good-enough” part of each individual. As in couple therapy, Dr. Cochrane’s approach is about problem clarification, effective therapeutic response to those problematic perspectives and then, with a growing sense of confidence and optimism, taking the steps that lead to each individual’s expressed desired outcome.

Self-worth is the foundation upon which we live life. When we have a healthy sense of worthiness, we can set our goals in: our relationships, our education/career and our personal health. When we are free of self-sabotage, we can focus on doing what it takes to succeed.

Anxiety Reduction

Anxiety and optimism both arise from our anticipation of personally meaningful future events. Sometimes this anticipation is also fuelled by thematically similar past events. As human beings we all ride the thoroughbred horse that is our bright creative mind. If we do so without a bridle, the horse is in charge and we go wherever it goes. As you know well, this thoroughbred can be superbly creative and emotion-evoking on both the positive and the negative side of the spectrum. Dr. Cochrane works to help his clients create a bridle that will enable them to gain reliable control over their thoroughbred mind. This is not always an easy undertaking but the results are definitely worth the effort.

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Until the DSM-5 was published in 2013, PTSD was included in the Anxiety Disorders section of the manual. PTSD definitely is a form of anxiety but now it stands on its own in the DSM-5-TR. Dr. Cochrane works with clients suffering with various degrees of PTSD arising from motor vehicle accidents, first responder incidents and other potentially traumatizing situations.

Education and Career Assessments

Dr. Cochrane gives interested clients the Jackson Vocational Interest Inventory which is a standardized measure that compares the client’s item responses to a large sample of people who have indicated that they are happy in their chosen career. The client’s profile will show him or her the career or cluster of careers in which the client is most likely to be happy and those where he or she is least likely to be happy. During the follow-up session, Dr. Cochrane also checks the client’s level of self-worth which is the foundation upon which he or she will make decisions about the JVII results.

Sports Psychology

Dr. Cochrane has provided professional help for self-confidence, performance rehearsal and concentration with professional and amateur athletes in a wide range of sports for many years. He is a member of Sports Med B.C. and his book, Sports Psychology: Being the Best You Can Be, is available on this website.

Professional Fees

If you have extended health insurance that includes coverage for psychological services, you may be entitled to reimbursement for the cost of some or all of Dr. Cochrane’s fees.