Consultations & Testimony

Because law schools rarely offer in-depth training in law-related psychology, Dr. Cochrane provides lawyers with practical consultations on:

  • The psychometric validity of assessment measures.
  • The importance of construct validity as the framework for structured assessment interviews.
  • The key elements of credible research.
  • The realities of treatment efficacy in psychology and psychiatry.
  • The complexities of human memory.
  • The realities of truth assessments.
  • Meaning attribution and supposition in medical legal reports.
  • The myths of hypnosis.
  • The frequently misguided pairings of the terms anecdotal and evidence.

He also offers guidance for effective cross-examination in these realms.

Expert Testimony

Dr. Cochrane has been qualified as an expert witness and has given expert testimony in a number of court cases (See CV). He understands that his role as an expert witness is to assist the court and in so doing, he cites the most current research in his testimonies.

Psychology & The Law

Hard Science Tools for Cross-Examining Soft Science Experts
Dr. Gordon Cochrane, R. Psych.

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