Psychology & The Law:
Hard Science Tools for Cross-Examining Soft Science Experts
Dr. Gordon Cochrane, R. Psych.

Revised Edition 2022

This Handbook for Litigation Lawyers provides significant practical value for lawyers in: Personal Injury Law; Family Law; Malpractice Law; Criminal Law; Employment Law; Insurance Law; Human Rights Law and any branch of law where psychology/psychiatry plays a role.

About Dr. Cochrane

Dr. Cochrane is certified by the State and Provincial Boards of Psychology in the United States and Canada and he is on the Board of Directors of the Medical Legal Society of British Columbia.

His CLE seminar, upon which this e-book is based, is accredited for six professional hours by the New York State Continuing Legal Education Board. He has been published in US and Canadian law journals, including his most recent paper on the DSM-5-TR, which was published in the Journal of the New York State Bar Association.

Dr. Cochrane provides Independent Medical Examinations (IME’s), consulting, reports and expert testimony for US and Canadian law firms on law-related psychology.

Psychology and the Law: Hard Science Tools for Cross-Examining Soft Science Experts gives you the current research and cross-examination strategies to more effectively cross-examine the reports and expert testimony of Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Primary Care Physicians.

You will learn: